The Berlin-based husband-and-wife duo UMA has turned over one of its recordings to Welsh producer Doc Daneeka for a remix of “Wild At Heart.” The original track, along with the other songs on UMA’s Drop Your Soul EP, was recorded in the couple’s home studio using a combination of analog and digital equipment, and constructs most of its rhythmic complexity from the interplay between vocal loops. Doc Daneeka, however, took a more percussive approach to his version by molding UMA’s low-end-centric beat into a head-nodding house pulse. “Wild At Heart (Doc Daneeka Remix),” which will be included in a three-track digital EP (released via Seayou on June 15), extends UMA’s low-impact, ambient-pop tune into a seven-minute roller with more emphasis on bobbing rhythms and dizzying synthlines than Steve Reich-inspired vocal patterns.

Wild At Heart (Doc. Daneeka Remix)