Next up on rising UK label Construct is the first of the new Construct LTD EPs, CLTD001. The CLTD releases will follow a slightly different path from the main label, with certain artists using pseudonyms and sometimes experimenting with sounds they might not always be associated with. CLTD001 presents a tougher and more stripped back sound, featuring tracks from Water Walk (Paul Louth & Mike Thornhill), Hugo Barritt, Stratowerx (Sam Russo) and William Welt. In support of the release, we’ve been gifted an unreleased version of William Welt’s track “Shortcut Home,” a deep and hypnotic outing with a fathoms deep kick and bassline combo, chopped vocals, and delayed, rhythmic-like chords swirling underneath. You can download the unreleased version of “Shortcut Home” for free below, with the full EP available for preorder here.

Shortcut Home (Original Mix)