Last summer, LA’s Proximal crew made its mark on the burgeoning beat scene with the release of the Proximity One: Narrative of a City compilation, which showcased a new crop of leftfield beatsmiths alongside a number of the genre’s more-established artists. On February 22, Proximal will be serving up another helping entitled Proximity One: Narrative Remixes, a five-song remix collection that pits a few of the label’s up-and-coming beatmakers against the likes of LA heavyweights like Dam-Funk, Daedelus, and Tokimonsta. Here, newcomer BearClaw (pictured above) tackles Teebs’ “Wind Loop,” taking the original’s pastoral, sun-drenched sounds and weirding them up a bit with the help of some chimes, a warbling synth, and some subtly clicky percussion. Even with all the additions, the end result is similarly chill, earning BearClaw some serious points for cranking the sonic complexity without prompting the listener to hit the panic button. Check the artwork and complete tracklist for Proximity One: Narrative Remixes after the jump.

1. TOKiMONSTA – Cigarette Lust (90% Wake Mix)
2. Teebs – Wind Loop (BearClaw’s Cicada Remix)
3. Dam-Funk – A Day At the Carnival (Benedek’s Freak Show Mix)
4. Dr. Strangeloop – Strange Utopia (Lawrence Grey’s Rat Hole Mix)
5. Daedelus – Off Angles Edges (Sahy Uhns’ Tension Remeditation)

Wind Loop (BearClaw’s Cicada Remix)