Today the Cut label—which operates on a subscription basis with a new EP added to its catalog every month—drops Red Mist, a four-track outing from Estonian producer Firejosé (a.k.a. Mark Stukis). Pulled from the record is “Windy City,” a production built on the back of low-swung rhythms culled from a series of boxy kicks, clattering percussion hits, and loose hi-hats. Spanning over seven minutes, the track focuses on dense, looping chords, adding only small glimpses of refracted vocals and extra percussive bits here and there as the listener is left to be absorbed in the track’s cyclical current. Already in the hands (or, really, hard drives) of those who subscribe to the Cut imprint, the rest of Firejosé’s new Red Mist EP can be previewed after the jump.

Windy City