Do you spend a lot of time on YouTube? Even if most of your work day is spent surfing through suggested viewings, you probably can’t match Canadian producer Ghibli (a.k.a. Thomas Michael), who crafted his latest album, Rare Pleasures, using only samples collected from videos on the site. “Winflowers” is a slice of bedroom pop from that LP, featuring cut-up vocal snippets over soft synth pads and a four-on-the-floor beat. You can stream all of Rare Pleasures after the jump, where you can also find the release’s artwork and tracklisting, or download the 10-song album here, where the Crash Symbols imprint is offering it for free in the digital form of your choice.

1. The Crows Fly Back After The Storm
2. Little Clique
3. Flossy
4. Róisín and Aoife
5. Winflowers
6. Ross
7. Sixteen Moons
8. Babyface
9. Richbaby
10. Nocturne in F Sharp (Bonus Track)

Rare Pleasures by Ghibli