The music of The Sight Below summons foggy dreams and dreary evenings, reminiscent of the Seattle-based artist’s stomping grounds of the lush Pacific Northwest. In “With Her Kiss (I’d Pass The Sky),” distant foghorns sail over saturated ambiance and subdued electronic beats, delivering a sound that embraces the fanatical tone of shoegaze and a desolate, yet buoyant minimal techno momentum.

The Sight Below will team up with labelmates Tycho, Deru, and Lusine as they take over The Baltic Room in Seattle for the Ghostly International Label Showcase at Decibel Festival on Saturday, September 27. In the live context, Sight Below runs E-bowed, slide, and lightly picked guitars through a series of loopers, 12-bit reverb boxes, and delay units creating sonicly deep, doleful techno quintessential for a wet winter’s night. The Sight Below will be appearing live in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland in November – dates TBA. His No Place For Us EP is available for free download through Ghostly’s website.

The Sight Below – With Her Kiss (I’d Pass The Sky) 1