The fine folks over at Kompakt just unleashed this gem on their Soundcloud the other day, a patently bass-laden and hyped-up remix of Rainbow Arabia‘s “Without You” by fellow LA-based duo Nguzunguzu. The two groups’ musical ideas work almost perfectly here, as both the remixing couple and the couple behind the original track have insatiable hungers for tropical instrumentation, tribal percussion, and dubby soundscapes, and yet Nguzunguzu do much more than just up the tempo. What was once some kind of warped, islander dance-pop tune ready for radio rotation is now a club-friendly piece of cyclical space-juke ready for your next footwork battle on the moon. And don’t forget that Rainbow Arabia’s debut LP, Boys and Diamonds, will drop on February 29 via Kompakt.

Without You (Nguzunguzu Remix)