Though he currently serves as the head of the tireless Infinite Machine label, Montreal’s Carlos Juarez will head over to London’s fledgling Heretic imprint to drop his debut EP next week. Producing under the name Wolf, Juarez’s Drifting Away EP will include two original tracks in its run (one in collaboration with Liar), along with a number of remixes, such as the rework offered here from Wallwork/RZR and Ltd Colours. Having proven more than adept at crafting heavy-handed club constructions in the past, Wallwork/RZR and frequent collaborator Ltd Colours use the opportunity to reshape “No Love” into a potent affair, balancing floating chords with an ever-evolving series of thick rhythms across the tune’s five-minute run. The strong-armed remix can be grabbed below, where a preview stream of Wolf’s Drifting Away EP (out on January 12) has also been included.

No Love (Wallwork/RZR & Ltd Colours Remix)