The latest single to come from cross-continental production duo Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause for Sharma’s Hidden Recordings label is “Wolkenreise,” a somber house tune whose title translates quickly to “travel clouds.” The single comes complete with remixes from the likes of John Tejada, Rene Breitbarth, and featured here, DJ Qu (whose mix for Little White Earbuds also made it onto our list of favorite non-XLR8R podcasts from 2010, and is pictured above). Just like the title says, Qu’s remix is immediately set on a forward trajectory, the lightness of which would be aptly described as cloudlike. The soft pulse of the incessant kick rhythm pushes the subtle synth sounds and other ethereal elements along a designated dancefloor path, occasionally running into the odd atmospheric flourish as it travels. But Qu’s “Wolkenreise” remix is most like a cloud because it doesn’t take off or touch down throughout its six minutes; it just floats high up in the atmosphere from start to finish.

Wolkenreise (DJ Qu Remix)