Melbourne-based duo GL (pictured above) will soon drop its Love Hexagon EP, a collection of glossy, funk-striped pop tracks that will serve as the pair’s debut outing. Appearing ahead of the release is this dub mix of “Won’t You See”—Love Hexagon‘s lead single—from Running Back label boss Gerd Janson. In his hands, the song is stripped of most of extremities, being refitted around a steady drum machine pulse, which comes highlighted by percussion hits that come bathed in heavy digital reverb. Holding on to its simply infectious groove for the remix’s entire four minutes, Janson renders the track a dub by throwing coy snippets of spacey vocals atop the mix. GL’s full Love Hexagon EP can be expected to arrive in September via the Plastic World label.

Won’t You See (Gerd Janson Dub Mix)