The Wrong Island imprint has been in operation for just over a year, releasing cozy electronic outings from artists such as Automatic Tasty, M|O|O|N, and—starting tomorrow—Line Idle (a.k.a. Aleks Jurczyk, the resident synth specialist at Glasgow’s Rubadub shop). Before his Woodblocks EP lands, the label has passed along this remix of the effort’s title track from Automatic Tasty who, in his own words, is said to have “smushed” the track up, running the tune’s percolating sound bites through “tape delays, then recorded to reel-to-reel, and back through tape delay.” Reportedly, Automatic Tasty also sneaks in bits of 808, 101, and Juno underneath as well. The rework—which origianlly came to us with the lengthy official title “Automatic Tasty’s Entirely Quite Useless at Chopping Logs Mix”—can be grabbed below, while Line Idle’s upcoming Woodblocks EP is available to preivew after the jump before it lands in both vinyl and digital forms tomorrow.

Woodblock (Automatic Tasty Remix)