Currently based in New Jersey, BD1982 (a.k.a. Brian Durr) has lived in Queens, Philadelphia, Yokohama, and Kyoto over the years, and his productions seem to pull from a similarly disparate set of influences, incorporating everything from dancehall, techno, and ’90s rap to many of the more contemporary, bass-heavy styles. In advance of the producer’s forthcoming Casings EP—out on October 28 via Durr’s own Diskotopia label—we have “Writuals,” a spastic cut which harnesses a shattered-glass sample as the focal point to its skittish pace, leaving evergreen 808 rim shots to slink in the background. Once a set of finessed, disembodied pads flow into the mix, the energetic “Writuals” finds a peculiar cohesion and emotional depth which it rides into its closing moments. In addition to this download, Durr has also passed along a sampler of the upcoming Casings EP which can be streamed after the jump.