Salva‘s Frite Nite crew has added a new act to its artist stable, a collaboration between Trouble & BassStar Eyes and 5kin (of 5kinandbone5) called Dark Ages. Warping shadowy, hardcore bass synths into a half-step/Southern-rap aesthetic, the duo’s inaugural release, the First Born EP, features three tracks meant for fortified soundsystems. “Wrong Ghetto” is a propulsive head-nodder that oozes rude, peak-time attitudes all over its sparse, B-More referencing beat. Ascending mid-range tones and some sharply enveloped trance stabs outline the tune as it cascades through nonchalant vocal samples and the occasional police siren, making the song ideal for primetime deployment on darker, more street-leaning dancefloors. The new EP is available today via Frite Nite, with a Dark Ages podcast for the label to follow next week. Check out the cover art and tracklisting for the release, after the jump.

1. Anansi’s Revenge
2. Ark Storm
3. Wrong Ghetto

Wrong Ghetto