Late last month, Portuguese producer and Discotexas label head Bruno Cardoso (a.k.a. Xinobi) released On The Quiet, an eight-track dancefloor-focused album that follows his transition from punk rock to dance music. The album follows releases on his own Discotexas, Nervous, Work-It-Baby, and Ministry of Sound, strengthing his already stellar reputation amongst underground circles.

The latest latest single from that album, “Skateboarding,” looks to a significant turning point in his life for its inspiration. As a kid in the late 80s, Xinobi experienced a fatal fracture in his arm after falling from his skateboard. For rehabilitation, Xinobi was encouraged to train the muscles in his fingers by playing the guitar. “Skateboarding” is an ethereal ode to that time, filled with melancholic melodies and spiraling beats. The track also features a speech from Ian MacKaye—one of Xinobi’s heroes—about his perspectives of skateboarding, which aligned with Xinobi’s perceptions and conceptualization of the skate culture.

You can pick up “Skateboarding” via WeTransfer below, with On The Quiet available to purchase here.