Every day of the year—barring most weekends—XLR8R releases one free track via the ever popular downloads section; in fact, for most of this year, there were two tracks released each day, bringing the grand total of giveaways to somewhere around 600. Amongst that pile, you’ll find world-class tunes from unknown newcomers, returning veterans, and chin-scratching side projects alike, across a range of genres taking in grime, house, footwork, hip-hop, techno, and every imaginable cross-pollination in between. Now that we’re approaching the last couple of weeks of 2016, and to kick off our Best of 2016 coverage, it’s time to announce the top 100 downloads that hit XLR8R this year.

As was the case with last year’s round-up, we’ll be publishing the top 100 in two separate lists of 50; beginning with 100 to 51 today, and wrapping with 50 to 1 tomorrow. Once we’ve announced the final 50, all 100 tracks will be available to download in one zip file via WeTransfer. As a side note, the top 100 have been tallied from downloads from XLR8R and not streams from our SoundCloud page.

100. Panic Girl “75”

99. Rashid Ajami “Culpa”

98. Gemini Brothers feat. Shahin Badar Thessali Noir” (Justin Robertsons Deadstock 33s Dub)

97. Szun Waves “New High Round Temple”

96. DeWalta & Shannon “Let’s Begin” (Dub Mix)

95. bmfbmf “Mould Me”

94. Lee Reynolds & Machino “Very Heavy”

93. Lower Spectrum “Masquerade”

92. Modified Man “System Is Fatal” (Modified Short Version)

91. N/UM “Chinook”

90. DJ Raff “Completed”

89. Linafornia “Wassup” (feat. Jack Bastian)

88. TMSV “Nuh Tek Dis”

87. Feynman, Andre Sobota “Smoke”

86. Daniel Haaksman “Rename The Streets” (Dotorado Remix)

85. Oliver Schories “Artik” (Atapy Version)

84. Psychic Health “Cathedral”

83. Klunks “Object”

82. Dowrong & Eric Dingus “S.O.S. (Stack Or Starve)”

81. Jordan “Everybody’s Body”

80. Almeeva “4 Bells”

79. Drishti Beats “Journey” (Escaping Animals Remix)

78. Andre Crom “The Existence” (Oliver Deutschmann Edit)

77. Zia “Hold On”

76. HVL “Bizarre Realms”

75. Ray Kajioka “The Ratchet”

74. Glassio “If I Was Your Boy” (Blue Hawaii Remix)

73. ÈBONY “Against All Odds”

72. Dreems “Charcoal” (The Finger Prince ‘Webber’ Version)

71. Memotone “Across The Divide”

70. Mattia Trani “Hi-Tech Mission”

69. Ash Walker “Only Got Hash”

68. Julian Alexander “JANC3”

67. Jesper Ryom “Chants”

66. Kassiel “Fluttering”

65. Cranks “Semantic Memory”

64. Skygaze “Darjeeling (feat. Abrigo De Pelos)”

63. DJ Vague “4”

62. Dos Attack “Flue”

61. Robin Ball “Fionn”

60. Infinity Ink “Full Capacity” (Man Power Remix)

59. Nunca Duerma “Acid Jazz”

58. untold. “Nightmare” (Original Version)

57. Ssighborggg feat. Luna “Time Eater” (Gold Panda Recover)

56. Up High Collective “Phonemica”

55. Freda “Umwa”

54. Leaf Erikson “Cypress” (feat. Intricate Dialect)

53. Kevin Over “OK Villa”

52. Branko “Batido Eletrico 15”

51. Seb Zito “Bread Bin Bro”