As most of our readers would know, every month XLR8R releases a wealth of free music via our ever popular downloads section. You’ll find cuts from nearly every genre under the sun—as well as a few curveballs that defy categorization—from new and established artists the world over; and every month, we crunch the numbers, tabulate the tracks, and announce the 10 most popular cuts to hit our downloads section. Now that we’re at the end of March, and all of February’s tracks have had time to marinate, it’s time to announce the most popular tracks from last month.

Interestingly, February’s top 10 was dominated almost entirely by new and rising artists. Aside from the top spot, which was taken by Concrete resident Antigone with his remix of Maxime Dangles‘ “Cloudy Rivers,” nearly all of the artists in the top 10 are relatively fresh faces. Tehran-born producer Mahdyar landed in the second spot with “Timmy Might Bury Ya’ll,” with Gerry Read, Toronto’s Hadi, and Oriol Fornós rounding out the top five.

February’s 10 most popular XLR8R downloads have been assembled into a list below and can be grabbed for free by following their respective links. In addition, all 10 tracks have been compiled into one convenient file, which can be downloaded via WeTransfer below.

1. Maxime Dangles “Cloudy Rivers” (Antigone Instinctive Remix)
2. Mahdyar “Timmy Might Bury Ya’ll”
3. Gerry Read “Please”
4. Hadi “Master”
5. Oriol Fornós “Waves”
6. Nate Husser “Hollywood”
7. Beshken “Fruits”
8. Entek “HRS Remix” feat. Alxndr London
9. Distant Echoes “Flight Mode”
10. Cottam “Dreaming Of Another Place”