We’re currently loving the eclectic musings of Lausanne, Switzerland-based duo Larytta, mostly because the music made by Guy Meldem and Christian Pahud sounds like, well, nothing else we’ve had come through the office the entire year.

Mixing off-kilter electronic beats with African chants and rhythms, vocal harmonies, and a bunch of other laptop-generated sounds, tracks on the boys’ debut album, Difficult Fun, certainly live up to its name. This is entirely danceable music that simultaneously needles the brain and makes you scratch your head and wonder what in the hell is going on.

More tracks from these guys will be available come October 3, when the full album drops on Creaked Records.

Difficult Fun
01 Wonder Vendor
02 Money For Pizza
03 Bauch Amp
04 Voodoo Thing (Difficult Lee)
05 Love Love Odyssey
06 Ya-Ya-Ya
07 Is This Cheese?
08 Spoiled Kids
09 Souvenir De Chine
10 The Money
11 The City Walls
12 Filthy Jim
13 Tous Mes Amis

Larytta – Ya-Ya-Ya