It’s been a while since we’ve seen the name of veteran DJ/producer and Howlin Records owner Freddy Fresh, but he’s apparently set to release a collaborative record with fellow Minnesotan electro/techno maestro Paul Birken. The seasoned pair has concocted two tracks together and one original production each to make up the four-track Midwest Whippersnappers EP. Digging deep into their roots of classic and extreme sounds, the record is an acid-fueled, analog time trip that includes Freddy Fresh’s “Years Back,” a cut which aptly sums up the upcoming EP with its hypnotic bassline propelled by the classic Amen break, delicate pads, and plenty of laser FX. You can check out more of Midwest Whippersnappers before it drops on November 26 via Ear Wiggle, after the jump.

Years Back