While “Yellow Warrior” is a solid stand-alone track, Russian producer Unquote (a.k.a. Vsevolod Ermakov) didn’t want to create just a collection of singles for his first full-length album. Reverberation Box came out via London imprint Med School in October and contains 15 tracks of moving soundscapes that range from deep dubstep to high-energy drum & bass, all of which flow seamlessly into one another during the hour-long sonic adventure. “Yellow Warrior” blasts off with a rumbling bassline and reaches cruising altitude when the retro-futuristic laser synths mesh with the song’s churning low end. The complete tracklist and album artwork for Reverberation Box can be found after the jump.

01. Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven
02. Reverberation Box
03. Cut Off The Past
04. Dopamine
05. Heavy Rain
06. Blind Jealousy
07. Metro Dreaming*
08. Cold Tenderness
09. Spectacle
10. Memories Fade Away (featuring Grimm)
11. Lubov Moya (featuring Molecular Structures)
12. Paint My Wings (featuring Grimm)
13. Yellow Warrior (featuring Lung)
[digital exclusive]
14. Delusion (featuring Mr Sizef)
[digital exclusive]
15. Grief Will Never Descend From Her Face
[digital exclusive]

Yellow Warrior (featuring Lung)