The latest release on Frankfurt-based music label Polytone comes from record collector, DJ, and producer YNK. The four-track EP, titled High On Endorphin, Low On Gasoline, is a detailed and sporadic release that uses loads of diffrent and unexpected textures that keep you guessing throughout. The release also features a remix from German producer and founder of Love Pain Sunshine & Rain, Benedikt Frey, who provides a stellar remix of the opening track “One-Oh-One” on the b-side of the EP.

With his unique, intermittent sound grabbing our attention, YNK has graciously offered up the track “We, Shapeshifting” as today’s XLR8R download. He told Polytone, who are not used to putting out records with this particular sound, that he wishes to see this release as “an autonomous work which draws on a multitude of different materials.” You can download “We, Shapeshifting” in the player below and be sure to visit YNK’s Soundcloud Page by going here.

We, Shapeshifting