Marklion is the new project of Vincent Thierion, a former member of French electro trio Dat Politics. Here we have a track from his new EP, You, and it is an absolute marathon through a delicious variety of analog synthesizer tones, from the square-wave to the acid-soaked and all the rest in between. Thierion skillfully blends and manipulates his rich array of sounds for over eight minutes, employing some classic techno drum work to help move the whole thing along and ensuring that even if you get lost in the shuffle (which you probably will) of pulsating synthesizer rhythms, you’ll still be able to find the back-beat and keep your feet moving. If you’re interested in taking a trip down XLR8R‘s memory lane, this MP3 reminded us of the first ever XLR8R TVepisode, which featured Thierion’s former group playing at Oakland’s now-defunct 21 Grand performance space. Oh, 2007! Marklion’s debut EP, You, is out now.

You, And your dirty boots

You, and Your Dirty Boots

You and Your Dirty Boots