Picture this: In the year 2999, a robotic race of androids repeats the tragedy of the Titanic by striking an iceberg. As the ship sinks, the frigid water freezes the robots’ circuits, eliciting a sudden, almost human response from the metallic beings. That’s the story behind Longwalkshortdock‘s (pictured above) “You Berg” track, which comes as part of Canadian label King Deluxe’s ongoing 2999 project, in which beatmakers collaborate with visual artists to share vignettes from an Earth 987 years in the future. Now, King Deluxe has put out a remix album for “You Berg” that includes this glitchy reworking by Toronto beatsmith Knowing Looks. On his upbeat version, the producer adds an ominous, extremely low-pitched vocal sample to the mix, and also drops the icy guitar strums of Longwalkshortdock’s original tune front and center. You can nab the “You Berg” remix album when it drops on September 10.

You Berg (Knowing Looks Remix)