Maybe it comes with the territory of R&S being revived, but there’s definitely been a recent resurgence in the popularity of Belgian new beat. Long held to be one of the cheesier off-shoots of dance music, the genre is beginning to once again see its place in the sun, partially thanks to groups like San Francisco-based trio Total Accomplishment. Comprised of Bay Area artists Scott Arford, Holly Herndon, and Mat Dryhurst, Total Accomplishment mixes and matches from a pool of abrasive sources: new beat, Den Haag electro, and acid. The outfit’s first single, “Pig Fat,” is scheduled for release in the fall, but in the meantime, the group sent over this slick slice of electro-bump called “You’re Alone (Red Lodge Oakland Mix).” Built on a bedrock of creepy arpeggiated synthesizers and percussive vocals, “You’re Alone” finds Total Accomplishment crafting a kind of catchy and novel nu-new beat—it’s still cheesy, but also strangely contemporary.

You’re Alone (Red Lodge Oakland Mix)