If you paid close enough attention to the events that transpired over the course of Red Bull Music Academy‘s 2011 edition in Madrid, you’ll most likely recognize the names of all three producers who have contributed to “You Said You Loved Me.” That’s right, Krystal Klear, Broke One (pictured above), and Ghosts On Tape were all in attendance for a session of last year’s RBMA and that is where they crafted this slice of ’90s-inspired, peak-hour house. Furthermore, the good people at RBMA have announced a forthcoming double-disc compilation, Various Assets, which will come loaded with more tasty collaborative tracks such as this. And for all the budding producers out there hoping to get their chance to similarly learn and work with like-minded collaborators, take note that RBMA is now accepting applications for its 2012 sessions in New York. You can head here for all the details and watch a video which explains exactly what a session at RBMA entails, after the jump.

You Said You Loved Me