We’re not going to lie. The original version of Rogerseventytwo‘s “Take Me Higher” basically overloads our “over the top” meter and makes us sympathize—just a bit, of course—with all the people chanting “disco sucks” and gathering en masse to burn records in the late ’70s. All that aside, the folks at Fool’s Gold were smart enough to enlist one of our favorites for remix duty—R&B-loving NYC producer Brenmar. Just ahead of the release of his new Tasting (Let Me Know) EP on Grizzly next week, he’s reformulated “Take Me Higher” into something much more palatable. Most importantly, he’s chopped up the vocals into something that resembles 1999 a lot more than 1979, and also dropped the disco instrumentation in favor of snappy drums and a warbling bassline. There’s still a hint of cheese left in there, but just enough to coax some ladies onto the dancefloor. The entire “You Take Me Higher” release is available now at Beatport. (via FADER)

You Take Me Higher (Brenmar Re-Vision f. China)