The last timeXLR8R mentioned indie darlings Trailer Trash Tracys (pictured above), its (very) long-awaited debut album was still lacking a due date. But after a period of false starts and delays, Domino offshoot Double Six has declared the album will see the light of day on January 16 of next year (February 7 here in the US). While a significant chunk of the album has already surfaced online during its long gestation period, we’re positive this remix of the London foursome by Brooklyn oddball Ital (a.k.a. Daniel Martin-McCormick) isn’t something you’ve heard before. The lo-fi pop of the original tune, initially a b-side to 2009’s “Candy Girl,” and then re-recorded for release as an a-side this past October 31, is almost completely omitted from Ital’s compelling and subversive take. Frontgirl Susanne Aztoria’s vocals remain, but instead of soaring over sugary shoegaze fuzz, they get torn, twisted, and thrown over rumbling bass and stuttering arrhythmia. The end result sounds good to our ears, but it’s worth noting that Ital did manage to discard two of Trailer Trash Tracys’ most talked-about traits: lyrics inspired by Sufi poetry, and the use of “solfeggio harmonics,” a new agey approach to music that focuses on using specific frequencies that are said to have corresponding spiritual effects (for example, what a more traditional musician would call a slightly sharp Middle G is something that instead “liberates guilt and fear” for the practicing solfeggist). [Editor’s note: Yes, we made up the word “solfeggist.”]

You Wish You Were Red (Ital’s Remix)