Aberdeen-based DJ/producer and founder of the Tuff Wax club night and label Lockah is set to release a cassette version of his recent Only Built for Neon Nites EP (artwork above), which includes—as a digital bonus—this remix from Brighton-based tunesmith Ghost Mutt. In Ghost Mutt’s capable hands, the original track’s gliding, luxurious synth lines are softened somewhat and a plaintive vocal sample is introduced into the mix; all the while maintaining the track’s skittering, colourful late-night vibe. Only Built for Neon Nites will be issued on purple cassette, the same color as Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx cassette—an apparently formative release during Lockah’s time as a young lad.

Young Neon Countach (Ghost Mutt Remix)