Holland-based producer Applescal has been known for his precocious talents in the production studio, churning out his first full-length A Slave’s Commitment at just 20 years old. Now rapidly approaching his mid-20s, Pascal Terstappen continues to release mature electronic music, this time around putting together a proper techno release for Germany’s Traum Schallplatten that will also include an EP of remixes. Titled Welcome to the Woods, the record will showcase three new productions from Applescal, all of which will see remix treatment from the likes of Spada, Alec Troniq, and Leeks. Both EPs are out December 13, and after being given the opportunity to share any of the tracks from the release, we’re happy to report this Dopamine remix of Applescal’s “Your English Song” was hand-picked for its infectious, club-ready synth stabs and drops.

Your english song (Dopamine remix)