Here, Morr Music artist Populous refits the “Yukoma” track by Berlin-based trio Saroos (pictured above), a new side-project from the folks in The Notwist and Lali Puna. The producer basically gives the original tune’s bubbling electronics, airy field recordings, and poignant synth melodies an electro-house backbone to wrap around. While Saroos’ ambient bell sounds and tribal percussion loops percolate in the distance, Populous toys with synthesizers, vocal samples, and compressed dance beats, all of which give his remix a fresh edge. And if you love the original “Yukoma” enough (we posted it not too long ago here), you might like to know that Saroos will be touring Europe starting this upcoming February. You can check out the info for those dates after the jump.

2011-02-04 Luxembourg @ d*qliq
2011-02-07 Ravenna, Italy @ Bronson
2011-02-08 Florence, Italy @ Glue
2011-02-09 Turin, Italy @ Spazio 211
2011-02-10 Genua, Italy @ La Claque
2011-02-11 Trieste, Italy @ Tetris
2011-02-12 Brescia, Italy @ Vinile45
2011-04-09 Munich, Germany @ Frameworks Festival

Yukoma (Populous Remix)