From the looks of Club Cheval affiliate Sam Tiba‘s new EP (artwork above), it might be fair to say the Frenchman has a taste for some of that “wacky tobaccy.” Not only is the recently released three-track affair titled Black Eyed Weed, which is available for purchase here, but there are also some telling song titles to be found, such as “420” and the track he’s offered up here, “ZigZag.” But these signs can be a bit misleading, as Tiba has never been one to craft anything that could even come close to being described as “stoney,” but has rather focused his efforts on creating bombastic club jams, all of which are infused with any number of more immediate ghetto-music subgenres. His new EP appears to continue these efforts, as “ZigZag” showcases the producer’s knack for combining stuttering pieces of vocals, percussion, drums, FX, and bass (with absolutely no melody in sight) to yield a potent dancefloor weapon.