Our first introduction to Brooklyn leftfield chanteuse Laurel Halo was likely similar to your own: either her ’80s pop-referencing King Felix EP for Hippos in Tanks, or Games’ similar-sounding “Strawberry Skies” song that she lends her voice to. However, the singer/producer is also well versed in the ways of techno, ambient, and IDM sounds, which a forthcoming cassette-tape release for NNA Tapes will exhibit in full. “Zoo Hypothesis” is one such track from the seven-song Antenna, and finds Halo slowly building a spatial soundscape out of churning low frequencies, free-floating sound effects, and extremely subtle melodic atmospheres—an effort not unlike that of her former collaborator Daniel Lopatin (a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never). You can cop the whole Antenna cassette when it drops on May 10.

Zoo Hypothesis