Maybe someday far off in the distant future there will be an intergalactic equivalent to the “booze cruise,” where passengers can get drunk and party on board some sort of spaceship contraption while the inner workings of the galaxy unfold outside the ship’s windows. But until then, we have the sounds of Salva. The man has an undeniable knack for funky, futuristic sounds, which he puts to good use on this remix, seamlessly weaving plenty of lazery vibes into DZA‘s stomping ADD dubstep tune, “Zoo Keeper.” And, even better, Salva makes sure the whole affair is super smooth, even taking some of the original’s more obtrusive elements—like the quasi-turntable scratching “Ahhs”—and throwing them so far into space that they come back polished enough to neatly fit right into his rework. DZA’s eight-track Zoo Keeper EP is out now.

Zoo Keeper (Salva Remix)