100% Silk‘s 100th release will be an 11-track compilation.

The LA-based label launched in 2011, as a dance and electronic-focussed sub-division of the long-standing Not Not Fun. Its 100th release, Sensate Silk,brings in a host of artists from all over the globe. Alongside City of Angels residents Cromie and Sage Caswell, Berlin’s Westcoast Goddess and Brit Helios Mode chime in, while Japan is represented by Inoue Shirabe and Keita Sano.

Sensate Silk will be released January 27, 2017.


01. Keita Sano “With The Lights”
02. Cromie “She Knew”
03. Sage Caswell “Take A Day Call Back Later”
04. Inoue Shirabe “Window Lights”
05. Jack Novin “Mass Ave”
06. Donny “Roses”
07. Badia “Monoto”
08. PARC “Silk Road”
09. Helios Mode “When Love Wins”
10. Nackt “Rising Tide”
11. Westcoast Goddess “Untitled Soul ’98”