The 100% Silk label will deliver its first efforts of 2015 next week, with new cassette/digital releases from NYC producer Policy, Chicago’s Potions, and DC-based artist Cosby all set to arrive on February 10.

Having issued his Postscript album via 100% Silk in 2013, Policy will return to the label with The Republic, a 10-track effort which is described as an “unbroken 50-minute piece of music.” Furthermore, the record is said to have been inspired by a trip to the artist’s old childhood neighborhood in the Taiwanese city of Taipei, where his parents briefly settled after fleeing China in 1949, and where “he felt a communion by riding the city’s MRT train through hazily remembered suburbs and landscapes.”

Joining the label’s catalog alongside Policy’s upcoming record will be Cosby’s Mirror Box and Potions’ Phased cassettes. The former endeavor is said to find Cosby (who also runs the ever-active Car Crash Set label) looking to “an amalgam of real and imagined locations” as the inspiration for its six productions ideal for “playing loud and long after the sun goes down,” while the latter effort will see Pretty All Right affiliate Potions using “MIDI technology of decades past” to craft the seven tracks included on his record.

All three releases are set to be available in cassette (each limited to a run of 100) and digital forms beginning next week. In the meantime, a track from each of 100% Silk’s three upcoming efforts can be streamed below, where the records’ full tracklists have also been included.

Policy The Republic
1. Shipai
2. Mingde
3. Shilin
4. Jiantan
5. Shuanglian
6. Zhongshan
7. Taipei Main Station
8. NTU Hospital
9. Daan Park
10. Taipei 101

Cosby Mirror Box
1. Mirror Box
2. Gold Coast
3. Warehouse Fantasy Club
4. Veil (Club Scene)
5. Veil (Version)
6. Sortida

Potions Phased
1. Space Buick
2. Sway Vacay
3. Rainy Daze
4. Later Night
5. Acid Test
6. Heat Walk
7. Glass Lake (feat. Laura Jane Friedman)