Vancouver duo Yu Su and Scott Johnson Gailey (a.k.a. You’re Me) land on 1080p with their forthcoming debut album seeing release via the imprint at the end of next month. Entitled Plant Cell Division, the LP was recorded on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and focuses on, “dazed organics, muted hallucinogens and dub-dappeld ambience.” It marks the duo’s first collaborative project, with both artists having only previously worked on their individual projects, to date. Johnson Gailey is a member of the Juniper Systems band and Yu Su released her own solo cassette via fellow Vancouver label, Genero, earlier this year.

Plant Cell Division will be available in cassette and digital formats. Hear upcoming album cut “Applet W.” on the player, below.


01. Applet W.
02. Ilu
03. Oot Re Mi
04. Tabletalk
05. Lucidity
06. Loi
07. Walled Garden
08. Clear Panel
09. Soft Opening

Plant Cell Division will land via 1080p on April 29, 2016.