Levon Vincent will release his third album next month, titled World Order Music.

This 11-track outing combines euphoric dance sounds with techniques pioneered by the older minimalist composers like Steve Reich and La Monte Young. It’s also a nod to the UK’s golden age of rave.

Vincent wrote it while traveling around playing for “sweat-drenched dance floors, watching Brexit unfold, listening to old house music, and spending days in the studio with my cat,” he explains.

We’re also told by Vincent that the album is “the sound of having fun, enjoying life, expressing myself through music, exploring new rhythmic ideas, unloading emotional turmoil, living with optimism, all the good stuff.”

One of the most colorful producers of his cohort, Vincent began releasing music independently in the early ’00s and has continued ever since. He’s previously released two albums, 2015’s self-titled effort and 2017’s For Paris.

For more information on Vincent’s production techniques, check out his XLR8R interview here.


01. Kiss Marry Kill
02. Flowers For Algernon
03. World Order Music
04. Reverse Stockholm Syndrome
05. The Vampire Lestat
06. She Likes To Wave To Passing Boats
07. Ratios III
08. Opening
09. And It Don’t Change
10. Diane Fossey
11. Back To The Grind

World Order Music LP is out November 22 via Novel Sound. Meanwhile, you can hear the title-track below.