Canadian duo 1800HaightStreet will return to Lobster Theremin’s Mörk with a four-track EP that segues between aquatic dub techno, thundering drum ‘n’ stab jams, and synth-heavy epics.

1800HaightStreet last appeared on Mörk with 2015’s Heldled, and they released their debut album, Endless, on parent label Lobster Theremin in 2017. It will be Mork’s 18th release. 

Groaning whale song pads float and dissolve amongst white noise environments. Percussion bobbles around like flotsam between a netted structure of classic drum machine workouts. Siren-esque synths call out from the surface. Drift away in techno bliss.— Mörk


A1. Age

A2. Melody From A Dream

B1. Ankh

B2. Rest

Age EP is out February 15, with clips below.