1921—the collaborative project between David Åhlén (vocals) and Andreas Eklöf (synthesizers and electronics)—have shared a haunting live video and a track download of “Always,” a cut from their forthcoming In My Veins LP, to be released via Compunctio on November 9.

The LP finds the pair working with producer Andreas Runeson to craft 11 tracks that perfectly fuse Åhlén’s achingly beautiful falsetto voice with Eklöf’s haunting electronic arrangements—it’s an affecting combination that rattles the listener, wringing out heavy emotions and pure wonderment.

As we approach the release of the album, the duo have shared a live performance of LP cut “Always,” recorded live in Sofia Kyrka, Stockholm, and a download of the Red Idiot remix, which refits the original with a chugging low-end. 

You can find the album here, with the Red Idiot remix of “Always” available via WeTransfer below. 

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the track here.