Back in January, we let you know that the Berlin-by-way-of-Holland producer 2562 had launched his own label, When In Doubt. Now, with its first release (a 10″ single from the label head himself) only a few days behind it, the imprint has announced it will release a new LP from 2562 in the form of a disco-inspired concept album entitled Fever. That’s right, the master manipulator of all things low-end has made this new record drawing inspiration from the underground disco music of the mid-’70s and early ’80s, going as far as to solely use sound sources that originated from disco records of the time to craft the songs for the record. However, according to his press release, the 11 tracks found on Fever in no way resemble their decades-old sound sources, even garnering a comment from low-end cohorts Martyn and Pinch, “Sorry, but I don’t hear that whole disco story in there. This simply sounds like you.” When you’re 2562, that’s probably a good thing. Fever will be released April 4. Check the artwork and tracklist below.

01. Winamp Melodrama
02. Cheater
03. Juxtaposed
04. Aquatic Family Affair
05. Intermission
06. Flavour Park Jam
07. This Is Hardcore
08. Brasil Deadwalker
09. Final Frenzy
10. Wasteland
11. Fever

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