The mechanically versatile duo 2ndSun, comprised of Northern England’s Olly Stork and Steve Burnett, are set to drop its latest EP Solar Souls, on November 6 via Youngbloods. Having just released its last EP, Quanta, on the industrial, sci-fi inspired imprint Tessier-Ashpool Records, Stork and Burnett have gravitated away from the aggressive and fiercely digital sound for this next release, showcasing the duo’s overall adaptability and a knack for crafting stylish house and downtempo vibes. 2ndSun has been on our radar for a while now and it’s been a pleasure watching the sound gain traction and evolve over the years and we suspect a bright future still lies ahead.

We’ve featured 2ndSun on our daily download section three times, including a most recent track from Olly Storks solo moniker, Cassini. We’ve listed the tracks here, so feel free to download them.

Download: 2ndSun – “Intentions”
Download: 2ndSun – “Never Knew”
Download: 2ndSun – “You Don’t Make Proper Sounds”
Download: Cassini – “Threatless Ace”

Be sure to check out the video album teaser for Solar Souls, which will be available on white vinyl and digital,below.