Romania’s 3 Smoked Olives Festival will return for its sixth edition this summer, taking place from July 25 to July 30 on an island on the Danube, close to the transfer point by ferry between Ostrov, Romania and Silistra, Bulgaria. This year’s lineup includes names such as Ion Ludwig, Andrey Pushkarev, Sedee, Clovis, and Raha from Japan.

3 Smokes Olives was first organized eight years ago as an outdoor gathering for a group of friends and has now evolved to become an event in itself, with multiple stages set up and various well-known artists. We’re told that visitors will also enjoy a varied and outdoorsy program. Besides the music-filled evenings, they can do yoga or enjoy a boat ride on the Danube. The braver ones can give wakeboarding a go; plus, the islanders will witness an astronomic show, a meteor shower called Delta Aquariid, which will peak on Saturday night, July 28. 

The festival takes place on an island near the town of Călărași which is 130 km away from Bucharest, most of them being on the A2 highway connecting Bucharest to Constanța.

First Names: 

Ada Kaleh 

Andrey Pushkarev



Dan Andrei 

DJ Vasile

Geoge L 



Ion Ludwig



Mihai Pol

Miss I 





Vlad Dinu 

Voi Cu

+ More names to be announced soon. 

This year’s edition takes place from July 25 to July 30, with more information, including the full lineup and tickets here