Initially announced back in mid-May, and currently knee-deep in beta testing for its scheduled ship date of 09/09/09, Propellerhead’s Record) software (Mac/Windows, $299 for new users/$149 Reason users) promises to be the recording software for artists, not engineers. And in the software’s introductory video (all tutorials can be found here) they identify the number one obstacle that every songwriter has to overcome: a guyliner-sporting singer with a scarf so douchey it makes it impossible for him to keep his pitch. On a more constructive note, the five-and-a-half-minute video also provides an overview of the program’s integrated Line 6 POD pre/amp and cab tonal simulations (easy to patch and insert on any direct bass/guitar signal), the comp and advanced time-stretch capabilities (a.k.a. the singer solution), and the 64-bit mixing desk modeled after the SSL 9000k for flexible routing, wide-open dynamics and warm analog-styled EQ, easily routable effects, MIDI sequencing/Remote control surface compatibility, full automation, and master-bus compression intended to give that punch recognized leaping from radios worldwide. Exports will support any bit depth/resolution WAV/AIFF, plus Propellerhead’s native REX. You can also bounce channel stems for external software, as well as ReWire Record to another host. So what about plug-ins, you might ask? Well, here is where Propellerhead has gotten tricky. No CPU-intensive VST or AU instruments allowed in this low-optimized environment. Instead, Propellerhead aims to rack up (pun intended) a record number (yes, another pun) of Reason customers, as those looking to integrate soft synths and additional effects alongside their channel strips can look to price incentives (see website for unfolding details).