A. G. Cook has released his third studio album, Britpop, via New Alias, his new label.

Inspiration for the album came when the London producer enjoyed a solo sojourn in rural Montana during lockdown whilst working on previous albums Apple and 7G, both of which landed in 2020.

A three-part, 24-song odyssey through Cook’s weird, wonderful, and wildly eclectic sonic universe, Britpop explores electronica, Britpop, and futuristic sounds.

It’s divided into three distinct chapters: Past, Present, and Future.

Disc one, Past, consists mainly of Cook’s signature electronic style while disc two, Present, showcases the aspects of Cook’s songwriting instincts that veer to his idea of “Britishness.” Finally, on disc three, Future, Cook jets off into the future—or his own distinctive understanding of what the future of music really means.

The album includes vocals from Charli XCX and contributions from Caroline Polachek, Alaska Reid, Addison Rae, and Oliver Leith.


Disc 1, Past

01. Silver Thread Golden Needle
02. Britpop
03. You Know Me
04. Prismatic
05. Crescent Sun
06. Heartache
07. Television
08. Luddite Factory Operator

Disc 2, Present

01. Serenade
02. Nice To Meet You
03. The Weave
04. Green Man
05. Crone
06. Greatly
07. Bewitched
08. Without

Disc 3, Future

01. Soulbreaker
02. Lucifer
03. Emerald
04. Butterfly Craft
05. Equine
06. WWW
07. Pink Mask
08. Out of Time

Britpop LP is available now with a full stream below.

Artwork: Timothy Luke

Photo: Sinna Nasseri