A.k.Adrix, formerly known as P. Adrix, will release a new album on Príncipe.

Código de Barras is the second album that A.k.Adrix, a Portuguese artist of Angolan-descent, has released on the Lisbon label, following his commended debut, Album Desconhecido, in 2018. There are no present photos available of him, but we do know he’s based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The record sees the mysterious producer developing his mutant batida grooves, and the slick and tone-rich tunes beg for careful listening, we understand.

“Any way you choose to categorize them, these are rough and ready shakers that dispense any conceptual exercises or excess of narrative,” Príncipe continues, and this is shown in closer “Desenhos Animados,” streaming below.

Artwork comes from Márcio Matos.

The record follows Blacksea Não Maya’s Máquina de Vénus on Príncipe.

The label will also release a vinyl version of Dj Lycox’ Kizas do Ly EP, originally released back in March on digital.


A1. Ambiente Spiritual
A2. Positividades
A3. FL Studio, Obrigado
A4. X50
A5. Ritmo Surfista
A6. Espuma Nocturna
B1. Hotttttttttt
B3. Settings
B4. F.i.l.i.p.a.d.o
B5. Desenhos Animados

Código de Barras LP is scheduled for November 13 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Desenhos Animados” in full below.