After a two-year hiatus and the fatal overdose of guitarist Ryan Noel, New York-based band A.R.E Weapons is back, and more pissed off than ever. Modern Mayhem, the outfit’s latest album, conjures the spirit of the snotty punk rebellion without forcing the four remaining band members to succumb to DIY clichés or a lack of bathing. “Let’s Go to Time Square” hollers for relief from downtown hipsters, while “Weird Wild Free” is the garage anthem for kids who wished that the New York Dolls recorded their albums post-paint huffing. Naysayers, wake up. Post-punk is far from dead.

Modern Mayhem is out in September on Defend Music.

1. We Don’t Care
2. Let’s Go to Time Square
3. I Just Can’t Get Started
4. Weird Wild Free
5. Keys Money Cigarettes
6. Just A Crush
7. Have You Ever?
8. Sweet Jesus
9. Dreamers
10. Hey Joey
11. Heartbeat
12. F What You Like
13. Too Low
14. Do You Wanna Hang Around?
15. We Don’t Care (Part 2)