Nick Harris’ (a.k.a A Sagittariun) third album, Return To Telepathic Heights, will come through Gerd Janson’s Incantations, a sub-label of the mighty Running Back. 

The 10-track album chronicles the journey back to Telepathic Heights, a three-storey cultural space in Bristol, UK, Harris’ home town, “where dream telepathy has become the primary communicative tool amongst its peaceful and harmonious community who have opted out of the planetary war that continues to rage, seemingly with no armistice anytime soon,” the label explains. We’re told to expect a “space western soundtrack to the cinematic interpretation” of this tale that blends minimal and harmonic rhythms, industrial funk, dreamy synth-wave, and transcendental techno. 

The album comes with original artwork by Johnny Bruck, taken from the legendary German science fiction novel series Perry Rhodan, which ran weekly from the early 1960s, and was the most successful sci-fi book series ever written.

A Sagittariun’s last two albums have come through his own Elastic Dreams.


01. Once Upon A Time…

02. Watch The Skies!

03. Last Of The Crazy Baldheads

04. Zeus I, Prepare For Launch

05. Life Is The Illusion, Love Is The Dream

06. Lazer Battle At The O.K. Corral

07. Version Excursion

08. Dream Stealers

09. The Mild Mild West

10. The Final Scene (Fades To Black)

Return To Telepathic Heights LP lands June 5, with clips below.