Click through any online guide to Atlanta and it’s immediately clear The Loft is considered one of the city’s prime venues for hearing music, so the space makes an apt host for this year’s A3C Festival, the Southeast’s largest independent hip-hop conference.

For 2007, the dirty South’s population will gather for a three-night free-for-all that includes artist performances, a panel on women in hip-hop called Back to Basics: Past, Present, Future, a b-boy/b-girl jam, and possibly a few bbqs in between (it is the South, after all).

The musical lineup thus far includes Black Milk, Edan, Souls of Mischief, Giant Panda, Strange Fruit Project, Hangar 18, Insight, and many more. Tickets are on sale, and will run festival-goers a mere 15 bones for a nightly pass and $32 for the entire weekend.

Get dirty, Thursday, April 12 – Saturday, April 14, at The Loft.