Aaron Triggs, better known as Bleep Bloop, will release a new EP as Fossil Fog.

Fossil Fog is the product of Triggs’ new path, driven by his new musical education. While his other musical worlds have simmered, he’s started to pay more attention to technical details.

While in the northern California countryside during the lockdowns, his only relationship with music was playing his guitar and singing songs. He made a little bit of music but never consistently. When he got back into the habit of producing consistently, tons of music just started flowing out. So he decided to go back to school for the first time since he was 17, and from there he plans to pursue a graduate education in sound design and music technology.

“Teaching has relit the fire under my ass for electronic music,” Triggs says.

Stone Speech was produced by Triggs at his home studio in Eagle Rock, California over the last year, created using an array of digital and analog instrumentation. An abundance of material was captured during the initial Fossil Fog sessions, when he was flooded with new ideas and approaches to music as his professional teaching continued to evolve and provide new windows for growth.

We’re told that the project is “rooted in multi-chord based progressions and modular-based patched sequences,” and that it’s highly exploratory and expressionistic music that delves into the genres of ambient and musique concrète.

The release lands on A Redemption Arc.


01. Glass Slipper
02. Beauty Scar
03. Dawn
04. Walls
05. Jaw

Stone Speech EP is available now. You can stream the release in full below and order it here.