Abdulla Rashim has revealed his first solo EP of 2016.

Swedish techno DJ-producer Rashim has been one of the most talked about names in the country’s scene in recent times. Over the course of this year alone, he has contributed to a Northern Electronics compilation and Semantica‘s Ten Year celebration EP series, as well as putting a full-length out as Lundin Oil and a cassette with Varg as Ulwhednar.

He has now announced his first solo EP of the year—Of Water And The Spirit. The three-tracker (which will drop on Northern Electronics) looks set to pursue deep, hypnotic techno flavours.

For more information on Rashim, check out the recently published instalment of the Get Familiar feature series.

Of Water And The Spirit has no confirmed release date yet. Stream snippets and pre-order at Clone.


01. Vestal Witness
02. Of Water And The Spirit
03. Proceeding To Infinity