Since the folks at Ableton recently released the format of their Live instruments to third-party sound artists, a slew of these Partner Instruments have been popping up for sale on the Ableton website. Now, in a generous turn, the company is offering its Partner Instruments Compilation to users of its music-making/performing program for absolutely free. The downloadable pack is a gigabyte-or-so’s worth of content taken from the whole of the Partner Instruments that includes 58 instrument racks, 16 drum racks, five live sets, and 80 live clips, and is available here. Additionally, Ableton is offering a free pack of inspirational and instructional goodies made exclusively for the program by a handful of Minus artists. Click Box, Hobo, Heartthrob & Troy Pierce, Magda, Marc Houle, Fabrizio Maurizi, Barem, Ambivalent, JPLS, and Gaiser all contributed live sets and corresponding lessons to the package, which you can download here.